Domino CIJ Inks Pricelist

InkOEMOEM ReferenceColourSolventDescriptionBottle Size
138BK Black InkDominoIC-138BKBlackEthanol 825 ml
222BK Black InkDominoIC-222BKBlackMEKPlastic ink.825 ml
223BK Black InkDominoIC-223BKBlackMEKCable coding ink825 ml
226BK Black InkDominoIC-226BKBlackMEK 825 ml
227BK Black InkDominoIC-227BKBlackMEKExcellent adhesion on plastics such as PE/PP/OPP825 ml
230BK Black InkDominoIC-230BKBlackMEKIPA resistant ink825 ml
234BK Black InkDominoIC-234BKBlackMEKWet bottle coding, removed by alkaline soultions825 ml
236BK Black InkDominoIC-236BKBlackMEKGeneral purpose ink825 ml
252WT White (pigment) InkDominoIC-252WTWhite (pigment)MEKGeneral purpose white ink825 ml
253WT White (pigment) InkDominoIC-253WTWhite (pigment)MEKExcellent adhesion on plastics & cables such as PE/PP825 ml
261YL Yellow (pigment) InkDominoIC-261YLYellow (pigment)MEKGeneral purpose yellow ink825 ml
270BK Black InkDominoIC-270BKBlackMEKGeneral purpose ink825 ml
270BKA Black InkDominoIC-270BKABlackMEKGeneral purpose ink825 ml
270BL Blue InkDominoIC-270BLBlueMEKGeneral purpose blue ink825 ml
270GR Green InkDominoIC-270GRGreenMEKGeneral purpose green ink825 ml
270RD Red InkDominoIC-270RDRedMEKGeneral purpose red ink825 ml
272BK Black InkDominoIC-272BKBlackMEKGeneral purpose ink825 ml
280BK Black (pigment) InkDominoIC-280BKBlack (pigment)MEKPigmented ink for cable coding825 ml
280BL Blue InkDominoIC-280BLBlueMEKPigmented ink for cable coding825 ml
280OR Orange InkDominoIC-280OROrangeMEKPigmented ink for cable coding825 ml
291BK Black InkDominoIC-291BKBlackMEKGood adhesion on plastics825 ml
292BK Black InkDominoIC-292BKBlackMEKGood adhesion on plastics825 ml
295BK Black InkDominoIC-295BKBlackMEKHigh performance black ink825 ml
299BK Black InkDominoIC-299BKBlackMEKHigh quality plastic ink825 ml
299YL Yellow (pigment) InkDominoIC-299YLYellow (pigment)MEKHigh contrast yellow ink825 ml
369BK Thermochromic InkDominoIC-369BKThermochromicMEKBlack - Blue ink825 ml
432BL Blue InkDominoIC-432BLBlueEthanolEthanol ink825 ml
445BL Blue InkDominoIC-445BLBlueEthanolFood grade ink for egg coding825 ml
445GR Green InkDominoIC-445GRGreenEthanolFood grade ink for egg coding825 ml
445RD Red InkDominoIC-445RDRedEthanolFood grade ink for egg coding825 ml
446RD Red InkDominoIC-446RDRedEthanolFood grade ink for egg coding825 ml
449RD Red InkDominoIC-449RDRedAcetone/EthanolFaster drying food grade ink for egg coding825 ml
802BK Black InkDominoIC-802BKBlackAcetone/EthanolMEK free ink825 ml
899BK Black InkDominoIC-899BKBlackAcetone/EthanolMEK free ink, good adhesion on plastics825 ml
InkOEMOEM ReferenceColourSolventDescriptionBottle Size
445BL Blue InkDominoIR-445BLBlueEthanolFood grade ink for egg coding1.2 litre
445GR Green InkDominoIR-445GRGreenEthanolFood grade ink for egg coding1.2 litre
138BK Black InkDominoIR-138BKBlackEthanol 1.2 litre
222BK Black InkDominoIR-222BKBlackMEKPlastic ink.1.2 litre
223BK Black InkDominoIR-223BKBlackMEKCable coding ink1.2 litre
226BK Black InkDominoIR-226BKBlackMEK 1.2 litre
227BK Black InkDominoIR-227BKBlackMEKExcellent adhesion on plastics such as PE/PP/OPP1.2 litre
227BK Black InkDominoIR-227BKBlackMEK 1.2 litre
230BK Black InkDominoIR-230BKBlackMEKIPA resistant ink1.2 litre
234BK Black InkDominoIR-234BKBlackMEKWet bottle coding, removed by alkaline soultions1.2 litre
236BK Black InkDominoIR-236BKBlackMEKGeneral purpose ink1.2 litre
252WT White (pigment) InkDominoIR-252WTWhite (pigment)MEKGeneral purpose white ink1.2 litre
253WT White (pigment) InkDominoIR-253WTWhite (pigment)MEKExcellent adhesion on plastics & cables such as PE/PP1.2 litre
261YL Yellow (pigment) InkDominoIR-261YLYellow (pigment)MEKGeneral purpose yellow ink1.2 litre
270BK Black InkDominoIR-270BKBlackMEKGeneral purpose ink1.2 litre
270BKA Black InkDominoIR-270BKABlackMEKGeneral purpose ink1.2 litre
270BL Blue InkDominoIR-270BLBlueMEKGeneral purpose blue ink1.2 litre
270GR Green InkDominoIR-270GRGreenMEKGeneral purpose green ink1.2 litre
270RD Red InkDominoIR-270RDRedMEKGeneral purpose red ink1.2 litre
272BK Black InkDominoIR-272BKBlackMEKGeneral purpose ink1.2 litre
280BK Black (pigment) InkDominoIR-280BKBlack (pigment)MEKPigmented ink for cable coding1.2 litre
280BL Blue InkDominoIR-280BLBlueMEKPigmented ink for cable coding1.2 litre
280OR Orange InkDominoIR-280OROrangeMEKPigmented ink for cable coding1.2 litre
291BK Black InkDominoIR-291BKBlackMEKGood adhesion on plastics1.2 litre
292BK Black InkDominoIR-292BKBlackMEKGood adhesion on plastics1.2 litre
295BK Black InkDominoIR-295BKBlackMEKHigh performance black ink1.2 litre
299BK Black InkDominoIR-299BKBlackMEKHigh quality plastic ink1.2 litre
299YL Yellow (pigment) InkDominoIR-299YLYellow (pigment)MEKHigh contrast yellow ink1.2 litre
369BK Thermochromic InkDominoIR-369BKThermochromicMEK 1.2 litre
432BL Blue InkDominoIR-432BLBlueEthanol 1.2 litre
445RD Red InkDominoIR-445RDRedEthanolFood grade ink for egg coding1.2 litre
446RD Red InkDominoIR-446RDRedEthanolFood grade ink for egg coding1.2 litre
449RD Red InkDominoIR-449RDRedAcetone/EthanolFaster drying food grade ink for egg coding1.2 litre
802BK Black InkDominoIR-802BKBlackAcetone/EthanolMEK free ink1.2 litre
899BK Black InkDominoIR-899BKBlackAcetone/EthanolMEK free ink, good adhesion on plastics1.2 litre
Quality Codes      
Quality Codes for any of the above ink reservoirs      
InkOEMOEM ReferenceColourSolventDescriptionBottle Size
138BK Black Make-upDominoMC-138BKBlackEthanolMake-up cartridge825 ml
222BK Black Make-upDominoMC-222BKBlackMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
223BK Black Make-upDominoMC-223BKBlackMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
226BK Black Make-upDominoMC-226BKBlackMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
227BK Black Make-upDominoMC-227BKBlackMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
230BK Black Make-upDominoMC-230BKBlackMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
234BK Black Make-upDominoMC-234BKBlackMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
236BK Black Make-upDominoMC-236BKBlackMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
252WT Clear Make-upDominoMC-252WTClearMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
253WT Clear Make-upDominoMC-253WTClearMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
261YL Clear Make-upDominoMC-261YLClearMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
270BK Black Make-upDominoMC-270BKBlackMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
270BKA Black Make-upDominoMC-270BKABlackMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
270BL Clear Make-upDominoMC-270BLClearMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
270GR Clear Make-upDominoMC-270GRClearMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
270RD Clear Make-upDominoMC-270RDClearMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
272BK Black Make-upDominoMC-272BKBlackMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
280CL Clear Make-upDominoMC-280BKClearMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
291BK Black Make-upDominoMC-291BKBlackMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
292BK Black Make-upDominoMC-292BKBlackMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
295BK Black Make-upDominoMC-295BKBlackMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
299BK Black Make-upDominoMC-299BKBlackMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
299YL Clear Make-upDominoMC-299YLClearMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
369CL Black Make-upDominoMC-369BKBlackMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
445RD Red Make-upDominoMC-445RDRedEthanolFood-grade make-up825 ml
446RD Red Make-upDominoMC-446RDRedEthanolFood-grade make-up825 ml
449RD Red Make-upDominoMC-449RDRedAcetone/EthanolFood-grade make-up825 ml
802BK Black Make-upDominoMC-802BKBlackAcetone/EthanolMake-up cartridge825 ml
899BK Black Make-upDominoMC-899BKBlackAcetone/EthanolMake-up cartridge825 ml
280CL Make-upDominoME-280CLClearMEKMake-up cartridge825 ml
369CL Make-upDominoME-369CLClearThermochromicMake-up cartridge825 ml
432CL Make-upDominoME-432CLClear Make-up cartridge825 ml
InkOEMOEM ReferenceColourSolventDescriptionBottle Size
2BK006 Black InkDominoIC-2BK006BlackMEKGeneral purpose black ink825 ml
2BK009 Black InkDominoIC-2BK009BlackMEKGeneral purpose black ink825 ml
2BK019 Black InkDominoIC-2BK019BlackMEKGood adhesion on plastics825 ml
2BK024 Black InkDominoIC-2BK024BlackMEKGood adhesion on plastics825 ml
2BL012 Blue InkDominoIC-2BL012BlueMEKGeneral purpose blue ink825 ml
4RD006 Red InkDominoIC-4RD006RedEthanolFood grade ink for egg-coding825 ml
InkOEMOEM ReferenceColourSolventDescriptionBottle Size
1BK001 Black Make-upDominoMC-1BK001BlackEthanolMake-up cartridge1.2 litre
1BK111 Black Make-upDominoMC-1BK111BlackAcetateMake-up cartridge1.2 litre
2BK006 Black Make-upDominoMC-2BK006BlackMEKMake-up cartridge1.2 litre
2BK009 Black Make-upDominoMC-2BK009BlackMEKMake-up cartridge1.2 litre
2BK019 Black Make-upDominoMC-2BK019BlackMEKMake-up cartridge1.2 litre
2BK024 Black Make-upDominoMC-2BK024BlackMEKMake-up cartridge1.2 litre
2BL102 Clear Make-upDominoMC-2BL012ClearMEKMake-up cartridge1.2 litre
2BL908 Clear Make-upDominoMC-2BL908ClearMEKMake-up cartridge1.2 litre
4RD006 Clear Make-upDominoMC-4RD006ClearEthanolFood-grade make-up cartridge1.2 litre
Please note that we are not able to supply the codes for the Icon ink cartridges.
InkOEMOEM ReferenceColourSolventDescriptionBottle Size
1000L WashDomino1000LClearMEKMEK cleaner/wash1 litre
WL-100 WashDominoWL-100ClearEthanolEthanol wash1 litre
WL-110 WashDominoWL-110ClearAcetateAcetate wash1 litre
WL-200 WashDominoWL-200ClearMEKMEK wash1 litre
WL-210 Wash DominoWL-210ClearMEKMEK wash1 litre
WL-300 WashDominoWL-300ClearMEKMEK wash1 litre
WL-400 WashDominoWL-400ClearEthanolFood grade wash1 litre
WL-800 WashDominoWL-800ClearAcetoneAcetone wash1 litre


Domino DOD Inks Pricelist

InkOEMOEM ReferenceColourSolventDescriptionBottle Size
BK8001 Black InkDominoBK8001BlackWaterAqueous ink5 litre B-i-B
BK8101F Black InkDominoBK8101FBlackEthanolEthanol ink5 litre B-i-B
BK8201F Black InkDominoBK8201FBlackMEKGeneral purpose black ink5 litre B-i-B
BK8981F Black InkDominoBK8981FBlackAcetoneAcetone ink5 litre B-i-B
YL8805F Yellow InkDominoYL8805FYellowMEKPigmented yellow ink5 litre B-i-B
InkOEMOEM ReferenceColourSolventDescriptionBottle Size
IL-601BK Black InkDominoIL-601BKBlackWaterGeneral purpose black ink1 litre
IL-901BKS Oil-based InkDominoIL-901BKSBlackOilOil-based ink1 litre
InkOEMOEM ReferenceColourSolventDescriptionBottle Size
1000L CleanerDomino1000LClearMEKMEK cleaner/flush1 litre
1100Q CleanerDomino1100QClearEthanolEthanol cleaner/flush1 litre
WH-910 CleanerDominoWH-910ClearOilCleaner/Flush1 litre
WL-610 CleanerDominoWL-610ClearWaterCleaner/Flush1 litre